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November 10, 2014 | Poetry

4 Poems

Jesse Prado


what if i opened my mouth and a swarm of bees just, you know. the weather said it might rain, and i was like, 'okay.' this is thinking about tracy. that's like, a city somewhere, in the

November 8, 2014 | Dispatches


Juliet Escoria

I made this when my dad and stepmom came to visit. I also made it for Scott’s parents and kids. I guess those are called my in-laws and stepchildren now. It’s a real “crowd-pleaser”!!! 

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November 8, 2014 | Poetry

4 Poems

Victor Freeze

I Wrote a Eulogy for What We Used to Be

I sank into
what seemed like an endless abyss
of blue distraught and infinite sadness;
I realized I had no way of feeling like I'd be loved by you

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November 7, 2014 | Poetry

3 Poems

Greg Zorko


you have a room in your apartment just for painting pictures.

you sleep on the floor next to your computer and iPhone. the iPhone is almost in your mouth.
it smells like old

Gone Girl photo
November 7, 2014 | movie reviews

Gone Girl

Sean Kilpatrick

A relationship’s complacency can only end atop the stripped sinew of an erect Doogie Howser. We’re not gonna hide at being perfect.

Cowboys Don't Eat Their Horses photo
November 6, 2014 | Fiction

Cowboys Don't Eat Their Horses

Steven W. McCarty

Before I was fired from Pinnacle Heating & Air, my boss had me drive to Limon to pick up the most expensive heat pump on the market at his other store.  I almost felt bad for the guy he was

Transit (1986) photo
November 5, 2014 | Nonfiction

Transit (1986)

Debra Monroe

I towed my worldly goods to a remote plot with real snakes in the grass, real primroses near pathways, and I wasn’t a tisket-a-tasket girl running errands but an adult with a narrow skill set that had sent me toward serial opportunities, jobs, my career not careering but ascendant as I checked off items on widely circulated how-to lists, but no one could tell me how to succeed at love. 

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November 4, 2014 | Poetry

3 Poems

Karissa Morton


In a world this red & watery, I have no choice but to be a wild animal waiting to be killed.  These laddered roses stacked atop my chest, all these decisions filled with blood.  My

Hold On photo
November 4, 2014 | Fiction

Hold On

Steve Karas

Ethan’s virtual shrink said this would be good for him. It’s his first time in a human touch center, even though they’ve been popping up across America since the late 2030s. A place to feel

Plotlines from TV’s The Sopranos Re-Interpreted by Lydia Davis photo
November 3, 2014 | TV, Fiction

Plotlines from TV’s The Sopranos Re-Interpreted by Lydia Davis

Christian Hayden

The Mortadella

Sometimes when my husband and I argue he eats mortadella from the refrigerator.  Other times he does not.



There is a term for women of my wife’s size, a

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November 3, 2014 | Poetry

3 Poems

Wendy Neale

My friend’s friend dated Mario Lopez in college

There you go, in the papers again. Your mouth a hawk dive; your fists up and double-siloed. While you play overcast, we tend to the beetle

Great Moments in Cinematic Drinking: The Thing photo
October 31, 2014 | Great Moments in Cinematic Drinking

Great Moments in Cinematic Drinking: The Thing

Matt Sailor

Kurt Russell needs a moment to himself. It’s been a hard day. Night. Days? It’s hard to tell. He’s been in Antarctica so long, the days so long that they become nights, the nights so long that they

Ghost photo
October 31, 2014 | Fiction


Kevin Maloney

Two days before Halloween I caught my wife having sex with my best friend Dave in a position we’d never tried in seven years of marriage. She had a good explanation—she didn’t love me anymore. I

Nelson from The Simpsons photo
October 30, 2014 | Fiction

Nelson from The Simpsons

Roshan Abraham

Nelson stands on the corner of two major intersections in Springfield. He stands inert, periodically blinking as if waiting for something to happen to him. Cars pass by and street lights flicker on

Boogie Cousins photo
October 29, 2014 | Poetry

Boogie Cousins

Dominic Gualco

Big Boogie, Big Boogie, after watching the way you move through the years
I bet you could dance across water and sometimes I hold my breath
when I see you twirling in the post, all 280 of you,

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October 28, 2014 | Poetry

2 Diagnosis Code Poems

Carrie Purcell Kahler


what hath God wrought stop
           we hold these truths to be self-evident
we cannot dedicate – we cannot consecrate – we cannot hallow

The Challenge: An Interview with Litsa Dremousis on Writing about Death, Grief, and Getting Better photo
October 27, 2014 | Interview

The Challenge: An Interview with Litsa Dremousis on Writing about Death, Grief, and Getting Better

Matthew Simmons (@matthewjsimmons)

Here's the full disclosure: A few months ago, Kevin Sampsell from Future Tense Books contacted me to ask if I wanted to help him create and edit an eBook imprint for his mighty little

Vincent Peppers At The Podium photo
October 27, 2014 | Fiction

Vincent Peppers At The Podium

Shane Jones

Good morning. Vincent Peppers here and I just thought this day is a grave. Terrible words to have running through your head this early, but I can’t help it. I’m waiting for a scheduled 11 am

The Ultimate “My Child” Story: My Struggle with My Struggle, Book 2 photo
October 24, 2014 | My Struggle with My Struggle

The Ultimate “My Child” Story: My Struggle with My Struggle, Book 2

Andrew Bomback

My daughter made pee pee in the potty, and my mother, who watches her on Wednesdays, shared a moment of pride with me before offering to do the pee pee dance, much to our collective delight. I left

5 Sonnets from 555 photo
October 23, 2014 | Poetry

5 Sonnets from 555

John Lowther

Discourse is a pretty forceful process, perhaps the most forceful of the superstructural processes available.
Everybody wants to be petted and nobody seems to blame me for his unusual

Transcript Sept. 14 photo
October 22, 2014 | Fiction

Transcript Sept. 14

Josh Mattson

Did you eat?


There’s carrot cake with cream cheese frosting.

Oh, good. I’ll have some later.

And walnuts.


How was work?

A man in Oklahoma was googling ‘carbon

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October 22, 2014 | Fiction

6 Fictions

Mel Bosworth & Ryan Ridge


After draining the toilet I put everything in the toilet. I drank a bottle of cough syrup and went outside. The cat spoke to birds. The birds spoke to bees. The bees spoke to me. They

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October 21, 2014 | Poetry

2 Poems

Alexander Tkachuk

[Idea for a picture]

A painter is painting a portrait with an observer beside him. Inside the portrait is a naked woman trying to cover herself with her arms. It may be a Portrait of Venus, or

After Michael Sam photo
October 20, 2014 | Nonfiction

After Michael Sam

Colette Arrand

In the summer between Michael Sam’s selection in the NFL Draft and the day he was cut, his jersey ranked as the second most popular of all rookie jerseys, behind only Johnny Manziel of the Cleveland Browns. Almost like there are gay sports fans.

3 More Lazy Wolf Comics photo
October 17, 2014 | Comics, Lazy Wolf

3 More Lazy Wolf Comics

Alex Jiang

Here's your spagetti and wheat-balls. Don't worry...it won't taste bad.

Hoarding photo
October 17, 2014 | Nonfiction


Steve Anwyll

A few weeks ago my wife told that I have some mild hoarding tendencies.

She said she was sick of it. The thousands of marijuana roaches I'll never smoke. All the goddamned books lying

It’s unfair how much we allow the sun to affect our moods photo
October 16, 2014 | Poetry

It’s unfair how much we allow the sun to affect our moods

Sarah Jean Alexander

It’s time to stop relying on sunsets to help move us away from tonight and into tomorrow.

I Am Grocery Shopping photo
October 16, 2014 | Nonfiction

I Am Grocery Shopping

Shaun Turner

I pass a woman who holds a red polka dot Christmas music box in her lap. I never see her turn the key, but as I scan the aisles for my specific things—the white balsamic vinegar, the slivers of blanched almonds—I hear Jingle Bells faintly, somewhere behind me, no matter where I am.

Nubbins photo
October 15, 2014 | Fiction


Charlie Griggs

Look at me.

Look at all the neat things I can do. Can you do this?

Follow me. Do like I'm doing. Put your stomach flat on the floor, then – whoa! – see what I'm doing? It's the worm. I can

Tusk photo
October 14, 2014 | movie reviews


Sean Kilpatrick

Sometimes you have to say fuck it and cry masterpiece.