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February 23, 2024 | Nonfiction


Frank Reardon

Chris snaps the seal of a Jack Daniels shooter and pops the brown sugar down his throat. Tommy pops Vicodin: Coronado eats a stick of dynamite and blasts his brain with meth, no judgement.

                                        ISSUE #2 ‘AFTER HOURS.’ photo
Her Special Place photo

February 22, 2024 | Fiction

Her Special Place

Mather Schneider

She sits in the grass in her special place and she does her meditation. It is the place she has carved out for herself in the world. 

Betty Blue Eyes photo

February 21, 2024 | Fiction

Betty Blue Eyes

Rohan Muthanna

Relentless torrents of rain poured down that whole night, gently lulling me to sleep.

The Mourning After photo

February 21, 2024 | Nonfiction

The Mourning After

Tara Layne

I haven’t had a sip of water in days. I scan the colorful, exotic flowers that fill the twenty eighth floor apartment. The view overlooks the Hudson River in New York City, and the lazy, muddy water

February 20, 2024 | Fiction


Trevor Crown

I could hear the usual blues music booming from Ryan’s garage as I got off my bike in the driveway, sweating through my Smoothie King uniform. Ryan’s dad had started and quit three blues bands in the

February 19, 2024 | Fiction

Darling Monsters

wrath of persephone

So what if I can’t cook? I can clean a crime scene then let you hate-fuck me after.

February 18, 2024 | Rejected Modern Love Essay

Sick Gal Seeks Rare Elk Sighting or Mate

Laura Adrienne Brady

Chronic illness already made dating hard. And then the pandemic arrived.

“I almost forgot—” my childhood friend interjected as we were wrapping up a phone call on a blustery September day. “I

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