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The Drowned Giant photo
September 18, 2020 | Fiction

The Drowned Giant

Kholiswa Mendes Pepani

It was a Sunday morning in Delta, Mississippi when the body of the missing Negro giant washed up on the bank of the river. First news of the creature’s arrival was brought to the town by a local fisherman...

Holy Gash photo
September 17, 2020 | Fiction

Holy Gash

Kris Hartrum

I turned over in bed and felt something weird. I put my hand behind my head and felt it was the pillow. I sat up and looked at the pillow. It... more

What Is It? photo
September 16, 2020 | Fiction

What Is It?

Steve Gergley

Andy Carr is stocking shelves at his local Value King supermarket when a forty-year-old woman taps him on the shoulder and starts yelling in... more

What I Thought They Wanted photo
September 14, 2020 | Fiction

What I Thought They Wanted

Carly Berwick

As I headed north, to your border, darkness fell, and I could see only the two cones of light extending from the car’s... more

Pamela Linda Gretchen Stevie Patti Kim photo
September 11, 2020 | Fiction

Pamela Linda Gretchen Stevie Patti Kim

Amy Rossi

He will present it like an offering, like an opportunity, like the whole human history of men holding out... more

Three Shorts photo
September 10, 2020 | Fiction

Three Shorts

Leah Dawson

Lunar Flesh

Your daughter wraps her arms around your waist and asks, Does everyone have a skeleton... more

My Children, Who Sleep From the Ceiling photo
September 9, 2020 | Fiction

My Children, Who Sleep From the Ceiling

Alyssa Asquith

I did not ask for the children. They came uninvited, as most children do, sometimes with trinkets or pets. Of... more

Contracts photo
September 7, 2020 | Fiction


Chloe Hadavas

The boy’s hair was like the sand. He looked good. They all did, bruiseless in the sun. Striped towels in primary colors lay beneath them,... more

The Dingos photo
September 4, 2020 | Fiction

The Dingos

Dane Harrison

Moonlight hiccups through the dirty windows, jumps around on our faces as the truck hits potholes. We’re already gone, smoking cigarettes.

Maeve photo
September 3, 2020 | Fiction


Walker Rutter-Bowman

I saw Maeve standing by the smoked nut stand. Her hair was flying in the wind. She was standing on the subway grate, letting those blasts blow at... more

Is Anyone There? photo
September 2, 2020 | Fiction

Is Anyone There?

Hollynn Huitt

It has been two and a half months since I’ve seen anyone other than Evan, my new baby, and my husband, not counting the rotating cast of delivery drivers who balance the occasional jumbo box of diapers on the top of the fence post by the gate.

Ken at the Modern Pharmacy photo
September 1, 2020 | Fiction

Ken at the Modern Pharmacy

Jean Pierre Nikuze

He joins the queuing customers. He’d read the overhead menu when he drew closer. In the meantime he’d twiddle with his phone... more

Friday Night at the Double Bill photo
August 31, 2020 | Fiction

Friday Night at the Double Bill

Gabriela Knutson

In the backseat of a parked Datsun, she waits for her turn with Billy at the drive-in. He loves to take two dates to a... more

Ball Don't Lie photo
August 30, 2020 | Fiction

Ball Don't Lie

Matt Boyarsky

When we were kids, my sister kicked this boy.

Rule Number One photo
August 26, 2020 | Fiction

Rule Number One

Shannon Sanders

Always have your shoes reheeled before they really need it.

The Girl in the Glass Coffin photo
August 21, 2020 | Fiction

The Girl in the Glass Coffin

Megan Culhane Galbraith

I went looking for her. He went looking for her. She went looking for her. They went looking for her. 

We all went... more

The Last Set of Mothers photo
August 20, 2020 | Fiction

The Last Set of Mothers

Emily James

Each year, the clouds lowered. Each year, the boys' hopes crept closer to their grasp.

Shards of Glass photo
August 19, 2020 | Fiction

Shards of Glass

Michael Pikna

Arranged in front of Papa were a cup of coffee, his glass eye, and a shot of whiskey.  One by one, they would patch him up before he... more

The God I Pray To photo
August 12, 2020 | Fiction

The God I Pray To

Tyler Anne Whichard

When she calls, Momma asks about Beau still.

Louisiana Dental photo
August 11, 2020 | Fiction

Louisiana Dental

Mik Grantham

 sat on my couch for twenty-four hours popping oxycontin while I watched a full season of Gilmore Girls. Lorelai and Rory were not on speaking terms and I missed my mom.

Fox Lake: A Photo Album photo
August 7, 2020 | Fiction

Fox Lake: A Photo Album

Lyndsie Manusos

Dad used to take pictures of us sleeping in the old Fox Lake house. Don’t call me crazy–I know you remember it, too. I can’t find proof, though.

Boris Yeltsin Roots through Your Pantry photo
August 5, 2020 | Fiction

Boris Yeltsin Roots through Your Pantry

Nora E. Derrington

One evening you come home to discover Boris Yeltsin standing in your kitchen.

Pacific Theater photo
August 3, 2020 | Fiction

Pacific Theater

Brett Stuckel

Twelve hours later, I surrendered to sleep at a rest stop.

Opana, Dying, in Baltimore: An Excerpt from Fucked Up photo
July 29, 2020 | Fiction

Opana, Dying, in Baltimore: An Excerpt from Fucked Up

Damien Ark

I return to the kitchen and walk in on Jodeci pulling a syringe out of her neck. She takes the rope from my hands and uses it as a tourniquet for my arm.

Visiting Susanne photo
July 28, 2020 | Fiction

Visiting Susanne

Joshua Hebburn

They’d bought too much house, too much lot, with a Californian equity. They’d cashed out into a what AARP said was a prime retirement state.

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