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October 19, 2023 Poetry

Two Poems

Bronwen Lam

Two Poems photo


Bra stuffed with socks
She used once
When hers got wet
Stepping in a puddle
Full of brown rain
And in the bathroom
Candice caught her
Taking out her tits
Putting them on her feet
Secret’s safe she said
Into the mirror
They’ll come soon
Don’t worry
And she stopped worrying
And she stopped
Stuffing socks
In her bra
And the weird thing
No one



Supermoon rising
Over your head
Not far above the flies
Committing suicide
In our tzatziki
In SkyView® Lite
A big gray ball
Resting on your forehead
While I hold up my phone
Tracking the moon’s path
A complete arc over the hill
In under nine hours
So beautiful I say
About the moon on my app
Uh huh you say because
Nothing affects you
Like a full moon
And even here on this island
You’re not a fan
The way I am a fan
Tracking it through the night
Sneaking out before dawn
To the sea
To see
The supermoon setting


image: Bronwen Lam