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April 15, 2019 BASEBALL, Poetry


Robert Clinton

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1. What company made the gum drops called Fancy Nancies after the famous Beantown slugger duo?  

2. In what stadium is there a Naked Ladies Day?

3. Why was Bud Ponce let go twice by the Mayflies?

4. What does it mean when a pitcher kneels beside the mound and pretends to eat dirt?

5. Why is a batted ball like Louis XVI? 

6. What was Mink Adler’s second wife’s name before the studio changed it to Vivian Spray?

7. What baseball rule contains the word “zygote”?

8. Name the “Seven Wives” who brought the Polymers to their knees in 1931.  

9. What pitcher dazzled opposing batters by singing opera between pitches?

10. Where is Septic Field?

11. Name the modern team which began its life as the Boiler Gents.

12. The fans around you are holding combs below their noses and clutching their genitals. Which stadium are you in?

For extra credit: 

13. Recite the Ballplayer’s Prayer.


image: Aaron Burch