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October 10, 2023 Poetry

5 poems

md wheatley

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the purpose driven life

maybe you've seen it
at the thrift store


the gaze of 1,000,000

there are

a million ways

to become

what you are

but you

will never


what you were



sometimes i think my
daughter thinks i'm
inside the mirror and
it frustrates her that
she can't get thru to me

other times she knows
she can turn around and
crawl to me


the desire

waking up with
the desire to lay here
to look around the room
and notice things
to wonder the age of this overflowing
to question if the 10-foot
curtain is tired of the floor fan blowing on it
to watch the reflection of these 3 square
windows above my head
in the wall-mounted TV that's
not on
to look out the windows without moving


communal kitchenette

i see the same people
every day in 5 o'clock
traffic at the microwave

they look like zombies
minus the rotting flesh
and hunger for life
in their eyes

sometimes i imagine
their facial features
shrunken 50% on
the same face and
it makes me less sad