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October 30, 2023 Poetry

5 Poems

Kai White

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do & don’t

what i do & don’t remember
from seven years of getting wine drunk
crying on the couch
& burying myself alive
six drinks deep
beneath fields of indica
white lotus & the merciful kiss
of sleep, i do
remember the light
on your face
when you did a cartwheel
down the hallway
of our old apartment, shitfaced
forgetting all the ghosts of decisions
we welcomed through the front door
into our kitchen, our bedroom, our prisons


narcissistic industrial guilt complex

your sister tried
to drown me
she conducted some
freak show narcissistic
industrial guilt complex
i can’t believe
i used to believe
this was my fault.


dead to me

had boxes inside
of boxes. halls
of mirrors all
over myself to
hide from the
real me.


hiii here have some dopamine

here it is!
i am thinking about you
and hope that your uterus
ceases its mutiny
and that your brain
and your soul
to be
to you


musings on peace

motherhood brings realizations
into flesh and blood
having 2 toddlers & a baby
can be chaotic & messy,
turbulent, really
take a step back
my mother used to say
your space will always be a mess
& cluttered if the inner rooms
in your head are cluttered