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Moloch Eternal [1969 version}

we see an instant reply
of brains blasted at arm’s length

we gawk in color amazement
at monks posing as scarecrows
dressed in silken robes of flame

we turn the page again
to see the untethered girl shorn of hope
galloping naked in terror down a road
posted with grinning soldiers…

thousands of dots make war
a phantasmagoria encased in time


In Mourning

the ungodly racket
of the chainsaws
cruel barbaric weapons
against somnolent nature

the oak had stood
a seventy foot high king
the last few years with
a paucity of leaves

trees can take
a long time to die
--so I told myself
it’ll make it another year

I walk past sawdust strewn
and see the empty sky
where the oak
had once held court…