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Soon you’ll start your real life

My housewarming gift
is a box of wedding cookies
with a long camphor finish
taste! So personal.
Do I look erratic
in my Robert Cavalli jeans?
Satin Pucci tunic
cinched at the waist?
I explain to my hosts­
that I was briefly intoxicated
by the French Riviera
(how my gender became a place)
I am now in the position
of owning resort wear

speaking of ever
ever shorter-lived delusions
they start up here, I say
rapping the side of my face
I can’t find my key
we begin to talk TV
premature withdrawals
abject back pain
we’re all casually looking for jobs
doing a bit
I mimic my boss
how she called me “insubordinate”
and I can be very sensitive
Where did all my dreams swim?
someone puts on the The Beach
that pristine Blu-ray screen
moonlit swim
sound off



From the window
of a train
you spot a cow
this perfect girl
standing like *this* (hip cock)
in the meadow
honest to goodness
real meat
producing this yearning
to milk her
classically pink teat

black metal tunnel
faltering speed
clown-like, feel
the trick of the image
you don’t want
to milk a cow
into the terminal
ashen streak
of morning, exposes
a bleached-out awning


image: Davin Turkewitz