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October 8, 2021 Poetry

Two Poems

Bethany Clarke

Two Poems photo

To Buy

Saccharine body baby,
snot on the inside of my t-shirt like
I’m made of it, I would show up
to their house wrung out by sadness
the earth speeding up through my feet
up through the darkness: it speaks
volumes, voluminous body of work
body of energy, body of my own imagination
I don’t recognize these towns any more,
because they’re too green.

The End of the City, the Hill

Leading down to the hardware
store and then the river filled
with big aquatic rigs. I follow
the foxes into the pine tree bar
code and hazy blue sky.

The foxes take the tightness
in my chest with them,
over the edge.

image: Micah Ling