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May 30, 2024 Poetry

2 Poems

PJ Lombardo

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Managing Human Assets

Drinking vermouth in my bedroom
wringing half-answers out of hesitant questions

managing human assets
between fistfights in lit caves
and fistfights over automobiles

magazines regale pop 
pop pop pop
further than a dead star

I ate a little molly and she said That hurts!
I ate a little molly to obliterate the species

Vacuumed in a deluge

The species had wiry arms
as long as sinewy 
as many grudges
or parades drenched with corn oil


Permanent Circulation/Good Job

In hell there is 
One permanent circulation
Of listless feet, benderbreath, dying men, styrofoam

These confusions keep me
Same spots i always was
I can’t follow this uh wherever
where the gnats weary mine eyes with their thinning teeth

They do a good job

To succumb’s like a spun top: 
We recommit to each other in turns
like skies to puddles
or rainbow’s twin dead ends

miserable, swimming laps, aghast with vacancy
Can you come over later
& crush my forehead

I did such a good job today…
eating xanax, driving, to the hospital, driving past you, driving sideways,