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October 12, 2021 Poetry

Six Poems

Laura Theobald

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I was trying to impress you with poetry
Because I am an idiot
I wish I could say things like a river with an open mouth
Your body seems like an old-fashioned carriage
When I am herding you into a ditch
With a will like a mountain dog
That has been against me from the beginning
And it is a maniac
And it will not be tamed  



I have tapped into the river where poetry is always happening
And now poetry is always happening to me
It is like falling in love with a stranger
It is like accepting Jesus into your heart
Yes I am saved!



I would like more time to look at the sun
The sun is totally without pretense
Shining its cancer onto everyone
I am finding corners of the house to sit in
In this corner I gaze at the sun and feel peaceful
I am so tired all the time
I wonder what I am saving money for
Life would be a great movie if it would end
And it will it will



I did a good job inventing you
Or texting you or whatever it was
Getting you to put your tongue on my neck
When my thoughts hit the floor
It is like waving at the wilderness from coach
It is like saying the wrong thing at a party
And somebody hugs you goodbye



What a sky actually
Beyond it are the stars and the planets
It keeps going
I have decided to hate you for 100 days
As soon as I figure out the first day
After that you will become a figment
It will be very spiritual
I will cum in the corner looking at the sky
Thinking this is real this is love



Steal from corporations
My sister darlings
They are stealing our time
And it is all we have
We are worth so much more than money
But they are stealing our money too