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January 3, 2024 Poetry

2 Poems

Enya Fang

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honeyed gleam of days, chasing nymphs 

in closeted thickets, casting stones on mossy

riverbanks, splashing water on lips puckered 

with sour blackberries, grass stabbing your feet 

as you run, twirling hair ribbons in waltzes, spilling

from the woods at night, spread-eagled on the 

emerald glade, hands clasped like daisy chains,  

sky waxing silver, you whispering 家 for home.



In this memory, we are castaways

marooned at sea, sharpening sea 

glass for blades & stringing each

other’s bones into rafts. You say 

survival is steeped in sin. I brush 

a soft kiss on your moonshine skin 

& pull the blade cleanly through 

your chest. To die first is never a 

sin. Blood dots my eyelids as the

pewter waves drag you under. In

the sully depths, Atropos nods & 

snips the yarn. Twice. Choking, I 

slash my throat, red gurgling like 

dawn. Let it be known that I tried.