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December 12, 2023 | Nonfiction

My Rock and Roll Fantasy: aka My 3 Day Psychotic Break

Andrea Taylor

I felt like a fool in the rain as I sat under the shower head.

December 10, 2023 | fucked up modern love essays

How a Would-Be Incel Taught Me That People Can Change

Gwen Kansen

The seductress in my head smiled and said “What else am I not allowed to talk about, Avery?”

But we were just going to be friends.

December 3, 2023 | Rejected Modern Love Essay

The Curious Case of Dumbledore, Transplants, and God

Ethan Kahana

When reciting the Ten Plagues in Hebrew, we customarily dip our knives into our wine glass for each plague and set a drop of wine on our dinner plate.

November 26, 2023 | fucked up modern love essays

I Love You, Showboat, and I Decline: Healing from Abuse in the Wild West

Amanda Bloom

Showboat said he'd like to take me out sometime. I asked why.

“Because I think you’re attractive, and so we can hang out somewhere other than the coffee trailer,” he said.

It was October, ten

November 21, 2023 | Nonfiction

How I Stopped Loving Dave Eggers and Stole Your MFA

Elizabeth Ellen

One morning on McSweeney’s there was an announcement about a new literary festival in Philadelphia organized by Neal Pollack. It was going to be called the 215 Festival (named after the city’s area code) and would feature readings by Dave and Zadie and Matthew Klam and Neal, as well as other young, McSweeney’s type writers.

November 19, 2023 | Rejected Modern Love Essay

4 Poems

Kathleen Radigan

Do we keep our husbands’ secrets,
or distribute them like sweets 
amongst ourselves?

November 16, 2023 | Nonfiction

Getting Oral

Emma Burger

I stand just a couple inches from the mirror in my grandma’s guest bathroom at her house in New Mexico, my breath fogging up the glass. As I brush my teeth, I give myself the once over and tug at the

November 12, 2023 | fucked up modern love essays

2023, The Men All Make Pozole

Leslie Anne Mcilroy

For, indeed, posole shows you he can cook. He fancies an air of the quixotic.

He must be a feminist.

November 5, 2023 | fucked up modern love essays

This is a Not Love Letter: My Response to Unrequited Confessions

T.A. Morche

This isn’t the first time someone I considered a friend has confessed their love for me.

October 29, 2023 | fucked up modern love essays

The Worst Thing About Me

Aiden “A.J.” Brown

I am supposed to call myself a survivor, but honestly I don’t think surviving is what I’ve been doing.

October 23, 2023 | Nonfiction

Transcript of a Hypothetical TikTok Cooking Video

Liam E.T. Johnson

Okay guys today I'm going to be making you one of my favorite dishes from childhood with a couple of my own little twists. My mom used to make this all the time and I just love it. It's suuuper

October 22, 2023 | fucked up modern love essays

There Was Something Wrong With That Sky

Rita Taryan

While I sucked my husband’s penis he gaped at the sky, to which he exclaimed, “That’s the most orange orange I have ever seen!” 

October 15, 2023 | fucked up modern love essays

To Play Younger

Elizabeth Burch-Hudson

  1. A well to do woman hosts an orgy that gets gate crashed by a vanilla couple (I just want to be included).
  2. A boy is seduced by his ex-girlfriend’s hot mom on the Fourth of July (I’m facing my fear of MILFs).
October 12, 2023 | Nonfiction

Bleed the girl out

Emmeline Clein

She wears those sharp button downs, tucked into pants with riding boots, and a blunt bob. Sometimes, even, a tie. Knotting, unknotting, re-knotting in the smudged dorm mirror, how many tries does it take to get right?

October 11, 2023 | Nonfiction

Mother Out of Time

Emma Burger

The first fries I had when I was a kid weren’t from McDonald’s but from The Odeon.

October 8, 2023 | fucked up modern love essays


Cameron Darc

The first man is the only one that kills you.

—COLETTE, La Naissance du Jour


Who is Angel? Who am I.

Have you ever loved a mirror?

Laughed, on suicide watch, until Kool-Aid spilled

October 5, 2023 | Nonfiction


Frank Reardon

What most people don’t know is that most of your town butchers are on some kind of pill, powder, or liquid, to get them through the day. 

October 1, 2023 | Rejected Modern Love Essay

The Anti-Vegas Vegas Blues

John Yohe




am the only man to come to Las Vegas w/an ex-gf and not fuck her—arriving two nights early on my own to hike up in

September 26, 2023 | Nonfiction

Lectio Divina

Will Goodwin

Everyone worries about mind control.

September 24, 2023 | fucked up modern love essays

Molly and I Always Went To the Fancy Taco Bell in East Waterbury Instead of the Shitty One Downtown

Cash Compson

The summer she was without anyone

and I had just left the other girl

in Jersey City,

Molly and I kissed at her house. We were adults

who lived with our parents. She seemed like

September 22, 2023 | fucked up modern love essays

For Jodi

E.B. Griffin

He was too poor to erect an everlasting monument in her likeness, all he could afford were words.  

September 21, 2023 | Nonfiction

No Saint, No Martyr

Gabriel Hart

I’m trying to do this story to get Kim’s feelings out there, but there seems to be a lot of secrecy and rumors about her death as if people are ashamed of how she died instead of why she died…

September 17, 2023 | fucked up modern love essays

Waiting Through the Ones Who Came After You

Ella Schmidt

That was my youth: I developed a sickness, a ruinous crush on the man at the filling station

September 13, 2023 | Nonfiction

Rejecting Beauty Like Nico and Baudelaire

Vanessa Aricco

We chased the tail laid before us. Scratching and sniffing our way to pain. We took turns leaving consciousness for a few seconds.

September 11, 2023 | Nonfiction

As the World Echoes

Laine Derr

I was stationed in Osh, a forty minute flight south of the capital. I had

a decent sized apartment

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