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Hobart 9: Games cover

October 2008

Hobart 9: Games

Table of Contents

Magic: The Essay   Mike Alber
Ken Sent Me: Lost in the Land of the Lounge Lizards   Matt Bell
2 Comics   Jeffrey Brown
Most Afternoons   Lilli Carre
Chopsticks Jenga   E.P. Chiew
3 Shorts   Kim Chinquee
Ballgrabber   Bryan Furuness
Bad Beat   Barry Graham
Among Her Faces   Stefan Kiesbye
Karl Friedrich Gauss   Dave Madden
Pearl   Mary Miller
When the Rains Come   Grant Perry
2 Shorts   Jennifer Pieroni
Bicycles   Brandi Wells
2 Shorts   Joe Wenderoth
and a roundtable discussion regarding role-playing and Dungeons and Dragons with   
Matthew Simmons, Ryan Boudinot, Jeffrey Brown, Paul LaFarge, and John Roderick

Bonus Materials website here