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Dynasty photo
May 26, 2021 | Poetry


Emma Miao

After the announcement & its sunder, 
              I flood the afternoon light into knots. 

Pocket a maiden name, banter into twilight & 
              its constituents. Mend the

Poem Excluding Homosexuality photo
May 25, 2021 | Poetry

Poem Excluding Homosexuality

Steven Pfau

There were no innocent bystanders,
except a herd of deer, unable to perceive
the color orange. My method consisted
in having a plan, but I was letting the dirt
do my thinking—I’d had it around so

Of Course Not All Men Find Music Again photo
May 24, 2021 | Poetry

Of Course Not All Men Find Music Again

Sara Elkamel

In a hotel room in the 90s, a Japanese man hired by the Opera to repair Chinese-made violins is crouched over a mess on a grey rug, thinking: maybe I could turn these 12 violins into a house and

May 21, 2021 | Poetry


Yunya Yang

The triangle of a fish head cut open along the center seam, splayed like a butterfly, blanketed by pickled peppers, Chinese red. Stinky tofu sold by a homely granny in a leaf-littered alley, fried

Two Poems photo
May 20, 2021 | Poetry

Two Poems

Namkyu Oh


such a good boy you
fluffy little algorithm patched
with paws and droopy ears
bringing me sticks
always wanting
to play fetch
I throw a frisbee
into the woods
and today it

Rebuttal photo
May 19, 2021 | Poetry


Simone Muench and Jackie K. White


Against the grinding fever of suppressed 
song, against a muzzle’s searing, sound 
is a muscle.                 The body’s rebuttal, 

a kind of clamoring                             

Aubade on my first day as Manila native photo
May 17, 2021 | Poetry

Aubade on my first day as Manila native

Yvanna Vien Tica

I was too shocked to scream
at the roosters to stop crowing, their throats
                robust and practiced in a language I find myself

disarming at all costs. In my first few years

She Take Mushrooms photo
May 14, 2021 | Poetry

She Take Mushrooms

Yuki Jackson

my family and I moved 
from Japan to America
and found solace 
in hunting mushrooms  

the kind we sought 
are called matsu-take, 
the highest grade
selling for a grand per kilo 

I do

Nikes for the Next Generation photo
May 12, 2021 | Poetry

Nikes for the Next Generation

Jason Harris

— after Frank Ocean, “Nikes”

You would have laughed 
at the sight of us: bodies twisted,
one foot in the air to show off
a new pair of Nikes; iPhones ringing 
with warning about deep

Cartwheel photo
May 10, 2021 | Poetry


Sarah Fawn Montgomery


I am afraid of a heart
above a head, inversion
willing erasure, the body
surrendering to gravity, violence
a chance some call skill
but only because a girl is great
when she risks

Two Poems photo
May 7, 2021 | Poetry

Two Poems

Olaitan Humble

Lagos gods

"the gods are exemplars of human striving" —Wole Soyinka

Festival aura fills the atmosphere
i rejoice for you                     moyo fun e
i rejoice for myself            

Synonyms for Love photo
May 6, 2021 | Poetry

Synonyms for Love

Richelle Sushil

Darling, stop being stupid, 
she says with all the tenderness she can muster,
which is not a lot, when I bring up my ex. 
At the dining table, in the gaudy rust of sunset,
she alternates between

Two Poems photo
April 30, 2021 | BASEBALL, Poetry

Two Poems

Evan Jerome Williams

Here Comes The King

I was supposed to live at Dad’s the next day, but the Cardinals kept adding innings to innings and who can miss a game like that, the way a city like St. Louis breathes a year

The Hot Dogs of Physics photo
April 29, 2021 | BASEBALL, Poetry

The Hot Dogs of Physics

Claire Gallagher

We were allowed to be alone in the stadium, an object which is infinite. Prove it.
I can’t remember if we took the bus. More likely your dad dropped us in traffic and the civic door thunked on our

Dr. Phil and I Go to the Batting Cages photo
April 28, 2021 | BASEBALL, Poetry

Dr. Phil and I Go to the Batting Cages

Katie Darby Mullins


“The feeling of aluminum ringing up through your wrist
When you hit the sweet spot
Because you can always clip it and get to first
But that vibration, that's the game,”
I say, but Dr. Phil

4 Poems photo
April 26, 2021 | BASEBALL, Poetry

4 Poems

Matt Mitchell

I think to myself, that must’ve been Kenny’s doing,
and quickly look for a spare centerfield wall nearby,
so I can climb into the sky
and maybe somehow replace what was stolen.

On the 20th Anniversary... photo
April 20, 2021 | BASEBALL, Poetry

On the 20th Anniversary...

Matthew Medendorp

On the 20th Anniversary of Randy Johnson Hitting A Dove Mid-Air with A Fastball During Spring Training in Tucson, Arizona


There must be something there
about peace and the odds of it all:

I want to give Glenn Burke a high five photo
April 20, 2021 | BASEBALL, Poetry

I want to give Glenn Burke a high five

Lauren Lopez

I want to give Glenn Burke a high five / I want to give Glenn Burke a high five for seeing Dusty Baker’s raised hand and just hitting it / I want to give Glenn Burke a high five for coming out in 1978

A Poem That Takes Place on September 26th photo
April 19, 2021 | BASEBALL, Poetry

A Poem That Takes Place on September 26th

Hattie Jean Hayes

My legs on yours, in the stadium lights,
I have only just learned your name.
You point, across the outfield,
at the worst fight we will ever have.

I can barely make it out in the crowd

Shift photo
April 15, 2021 | BASEBALL, Poetry


Sandra Marchetti

It was the first walk I’ve taken
through the neighborhood
so late in summer without
listening to a ballgame.

Those voices from Toronto,
Cincinnati, L.A.—the waves
of crowd noise

The last time I saw Aunt Priscilla photo
April 5, 2021 | BASEBALL, Poetry

The last time I saw Aunt Priscilla

Ellen Stone

She was cursing at her TV. A Red Sox game was on. She was yelling at David Price, newly acquired from the Detroit Tigers. Price was behind in the count. I wanted to tell her that David Price was a

The Widow on Opening Day photo
April 2, 2021 | BASEBALL, Poetry

The Widow on Opening Day

Brendan J. O'Brien

From the couch corner where 
his ass has crafted a killer dent
for the better part of a week,
my father begins shouting insane cuss words
at no one in particular – 
titty fucker bang bang, cunty

3 Poems photo
April 1, 2021 | BASEBALL, Poetry

3 Poems

Devin Kelly


“[the term] tools of ignorance...was meant to be ironic, contrasting the intelligence needed by a catcher to handle the duties of the position with the foolishness needed to play

Two Poems photo
March 31, 2021 | Poetry

Two Poems

Rebecca Zweig

The Festival of Convictions

5781     not moved to ceremony but moved
by the ground rejecting this nonsense   windows etc.
this very hill’s lack of integrity and possibly imminent dying

An absorbed sound photo
March 30, 2021 | Poetry

An absorbed sound

Lyd Havens

An absorbed sound

There was the night where the snow was quieter than usual
& your car wouldn’t start, so we stood under concrete

steeples to wait for the tow truck until your last hand

Recent Books


Elle Nash

“Transgressive and immediate: you feel these stories shoot through and wrap around you.” 

             - Kyle F. Williams, Full Stop Magazine


Her Lesser Work

Elizabeth Ellen

"[Her Lesser Work] is a collection of mordant and formally inventive stories circling themes of, let’s say, desire and escape within repressive structures."

      -Walker Caplan, Literary Hub


Garielle Lutz

“Lutz’s work is a marvel of the possibilities of language.  Each of her sentences is an intricately crafted thing, deeply complex yet crystalline in its clarity . . . her command of each and every word remains supreme.”     

  --Mira Braneck, The Paris Review Daily


Garielle Lutz is the author of The Complete Gary Lutz, among other books.